Vision & Mission Statements
24 Apr 2017


The Company’s Vision is to be among the leaders of the shipping industry, dedicated to safety and environmental excellence and driven by care, commitment and teamwork.


The Company is committed to provide world-class ship management services that meet or exceed safety, environmental and customers’ requirements and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects human health, safety, environment and property. This will be achieved by the Company total commitment to:

  • Implementing, maintaining and communicating our Policy and objectives to all our employees and other interested parties.
  • Establishing, promoting, monitoring and reviewing Safety, Quality, Health and Environmental objectives in order to materialise this Policy.
  • Continuously improving safety management skills and competence of shore staff and seagoing personnel, by promoting familiarization, training and drills and motivating the employees on all levels, to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness and performance of the SMS.
  • Ensuring compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and taking into account all applicable Codes, resolutions and standards recommended by the IMO, relevant Flag Administrations, Classification Societies and Maritime industry organisations.
  • Providing adequate resources to promote its Policy.
  • Establishing safeguards against all identified risks to life, health, property and the prevention of pollution and promoting safe, healthy and environmentally friendly practices and a safe working environment.
  • Facing up changes in such a way so that to be actively shaped.
  • Being prepared for emergencies.