Drug & Alcohol
22 Sep 2015


Company Drug and Alcohol Policy exceeds the principles set forth in the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) “Guidelines for the control of drugs and alcohol aboard ships” and applies to all shore staff and sea going personnel.


It is the Company Policy that no seafarer, whatever rank, will navigate the vessel or will operate its equipment while impaired by drugs or alcohol or where there is any risk of such impairment.


In following this Policy, the Company:

  • Has banned all alcoholic beverages from their managed vessels.
  • Has banned any form of drug, with the exception of prescribed drugs as well as the misuse of legitimate drugs.
  • Has implemented random testing of all crew for banned substances and alcohol.
  • Controls the use of all medical supplies on board the vessels they manage.
  • Will dismiss and impose penalty, as per National and International regulations, to anybody:

– using alcohol or banned substances on board the vessel;

– caught in possession of alcohol or banned substances;

– found to have been instrumental in bringing alcohol or banned substances on board;

– found to have a positive trace in any random testing sample, unless prior notice with

authorization for use, had been given to the Master.

  • On no account shall a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol, be allowed to stand watch or perform any other duty, involving the safety of the vessel, her crew or cargo, and the public.
  • Will take all disciplinary action, including dismissal, against anybody consuming alcohol, while ashore, for at least 4 hrs prior scheduled watchkeeping duties or work period.
  • Any crew member suspected for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while on duty, shall be immediately relieved from his duty and placed under observation until the influence of drugs or alcohol subsides
  • All crew members understand that it is their duty and benefit, to report immediately to the appropriate Officer or the Master, if they are suspecting or have evidence that one of their fellow crew members is intoxicated.
  • Requires all new recruits, prior their embarkation, to undergo a Drug and Alcohol medical examination test.
  • All crew members are adequately informed on the provisions of this Policy, are familiar with them and are complying with their intent.


General Manager