Code of Ethics
22 Sep 2015


The Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct (referred to hereafter also as the Codes) is based on Company’s beliefs and values establishing its commitment to honesty and integrity. The main function of the Codes is to make the fundamental values and principles, which guide the activities of the Company, known within the Organization and its managed vessels and to all agents, contractors, suppliers and other third parties the Company cooperates with. The Codes apply to the whole Company and managed vessels.


The aim of the Codes is to ensure that the Company is united by strong clear values and the highest standards of behavior and to orient individual conduct with the purpose of confirming the image of correctness, prestige and the good reputation which have always been the assets of our Company. Their aim is also to condition the implementation of Company’s policies and procedures for the wellbeing of the Organization, the quality and safety of human life and the preservation of the environment for future use, in the spirit of continuous improvement.


The Company expects from all personnel behaviour in line with the established principles, laws, rules and standards in order to protect its image, reputation and the quality of the services provided. All Company’s employees are responsible to comply with the Codes and actively support their values and principles. The Department Heads are responsible to ensure implementation and management of the Codes in their area of interest.


All Company’s shore staff and seagoing personnel are expected to be familiar with and understand the obligations under the Codes. In this respect the provisions of the Codes are included in employees’ initial familiarisation and training. Furthermore compliance with the Codes is included in the performance evaluation of each shore staff and seagoing personnel.


The development, implementation, applicability and relevance of the Codes are reviewed during internal audits and management reviews.