6 Jul 2015


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Good management system performance is fundamental to long term success and is therefore an integral part of our business plans. System responsibilities extend throughout the organisation from the General Manager downwards. Everyone is expected to take a personal, active and constructive role in drive for flawless, efficient, competitive and customer focused operations. All personnel ashore and on-board should be familiar and implement the Company’s Policy and objectives through the application of the SMS procedures and instructions.

In the following Policy statements the overall intentions and the direction of the Company related to SMS issues are set out. The Company, by defining and implementing its Policy, aims to:

Prevent unsafe acts, personal injury, damage to property and the environment.
Recognise that health, safety, quality and environmental protection are line management responsibilities and are essential in order to achieve the Company’s objectives.
Develop a sense of personal responsibility and create interest and enthusiasm with respect to health, safety, quality and environmental protection.
Ensure that personnel assigned to the various tasks are experienced and properly trained in that task.
Policies are continually reviewed in order to ensure that the aims set are achieved and to monitor the correctness and effectiveness of the procedures and guidelines given. All Company’s activities ashore and on-board should be in line with its Policy and objectives.