6 Jul 2015

The Company implements a planned, systematic and proactive human resource activity, in order to:


  • Perform resource planning to fulfil the strategic goals and adjust to changes in the organization and the industry.
  • Operate a continuous updated personnel information system supporting the resource planning.
  • Recruit people with the right competence and attitude.
  • Train, develop and qualify all employees to meet internal and external needs in a changing market, including implementation of the Company’s objectives, policies, targets,  roles, organizational structure and systems, and provide services with due regard to prevailing safety, health, quality and environmental risks.
  • Safeguard employees against injury and health risks resulting from their work and establish an active, open and honest communication with the employees to motivate for a high awareness of the SMS and of all the quality, safety, health and environmental aspects of the Company’s operations.
  • Encourage and facilitate job-rotation, internal transfers and career development of employees.
  • Measure performance against the Company’s and customers’ expectations and give feedback and support to employees in order to be continuously improved.
  • Reward employees in a way that attract desired candidates and stimulate performance, development and flexibility.